Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Campout

So after school was out, my parents decided to take us on a family campout. It was super fun.
Funny story, so you think that we are a pretty grown up family, well at least we are not in diapers I mean. You would think we would know how to get some sleep on a campout. Well Janae and I did, but the others lets just say they didn't get much sleep. For starters, my mom and dad brought air mattresses, you would think they were pretty comfortable right. Right, unless they start to deflate while you are sleeping on them. So after my moms deflated she got cold from sleeping on the ground so she went and got on my dad's twin one so she could be warmer. Then my sister Shayla got cold so she also and went on my dads to keep warm. Well Shayla couldn't sleep all night so finally went in the suburban around 6 in the morning and slept till noon. Curtis thought he would be warm enough in a thin puppy dog sleepy bag, but quickly figured out he wasn't going to keep warm, so he crawled into Tanner's sleeping bag and then the two didn't sleep well . Curtis eventually went into the suburban as well. Anyways pretty eventful night.
Other than that we stayed up playing cards, played horseshoes during the day, and tried to go catch some fish, but didn't.

Nursing School Graduate.... FINALLY!!!

My nursing buds!

Our Caps!

Our shirts we made!

Us and our hot hubbys

So I a
m officially done with Nursing School. It was two long, good, stressful years and I can now say I DID IT! It only took me three times to pass HESI. It would have been nice if it took me only once, but it is like a blessing in desquise. It forced me to study which actually makes me prepared for the NCLEX. So whatever works. I passed it the third time with a big 900. I have great friends who helped me every step of the way.

Us after being pinned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It has been so long. I told myself I was going to be one of those people who kept up with things. So here is mine and Jacob's update in a nutshell. Jacob has been done with fires for about a month now. I was ready for fire season to be over. I will have to say that my heart goese out to those widows, it just sucks living alone. He is keeping busy doing odd jobs. I am halfway done with my 3rd semester of nursing school which is going pretty good. Other than that I still work my 5 hours in the fishbowl and try to pester my husband as much as I can ;).
So somethings exciting and fun that we have done lately are: selling puppies and the side busy roads, and going camping and seeing 18 doe. Well I know that is just the skimpy on things but I'll write more later :)!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So yesterday morning I get a call from my mother saying that she scheduled me for a dentist appointment in Tucson and that if I went we would have to leave right now. Luckily I was ready and luckily I have a sweet boss that will let me take off in spur of the moment things like that. So me and my whole family spent some bonding time going to the dentist. Out of us five kids not one of us had a cavity. Crazy, I know. Especially if you know my family, my little brother only will brush his teeth if his older brother reminds him. It doesn't matter if it is someone else that reminds him it has to be Tanner. So is what they tell me. Pretty much all of have a sweet tooth too. Somethinig funny that happened at the dentist was my dad fell asleep. Like me he sleeps with his mouth open. Just before we went we bought mini candy bars. Shayla's idea-- too put a mini candy bar in Dad's mouth. Tanner kept tellin her to do it and he would even give her a dollar to put the candybar in Dad's mouth while he was sleeping, so she did and when she did my dad was startled and woke up like he was about to kill someone or something. My mom, Tanner, Shayla, and I just started bustin up laughing till we were basically crying. My dad then warned us, "K watch out, pay back time." Anyways after that my dad treated us all out Peter Piper Pizza, and gave us a little money to play the arcades. (Those games are rigged I should've known) We then went to my Bryant granparents house and visited them. My grandpa said his neck was gettin better, and probably in a week he could get his neck brace off that he has had on for 16 wks. It was nice to visit them.
I've heard from Jacob and the first day on the fire he said was rough. He said that they had to hike about 12 miles in rough terrain, and he didn't sleep at all the night before cause he didn't have his pack. They just sprawled out on the ground. The next day was better though, cause he said it was more laid back and slept really good that night before. He said he needed that day to help him recover. All in all he is doing great! I'm just glad he is keeping in touch a little better with me. I just hate not knowing and wondering.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Life!

So right now I'm taking a summer class and it is about over. Human pathophysiology. My teacher is a goofball and makes class fun. Although I find myself barely able to keep my eyes open. Which I don't think is a good thing. The thing is though he basically keeps the lights off the whole time and when class is from 9-4 and for some reason my eyes start to feel heavy. Other than the class though I work a little bit at the college and then enjoy the rest of my day.
Jacob got called out to another fire near Tuscon. It is called the San Juan fire. I haven't talked to him since he got called out yesterday, and he said it was only about 200 acres and it has already grown to 1500 acres. So he'll probably be out for a little while.

Friday, June 26, 2009


What a stud muffin!

We almost got rained on on our Jeep tour. We were kind of hoping we would have, but it cleared up as soon as we headed that way.

Beautifulness! (The pictures don't do it justice)
Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour

This was on our ATV ride!

So Jacob and I celebrated our one year anniversary in Sedona. We had so much fun and were in "aw" at the beauty. We went hiking, rented an atv, and went on a jeep tour. Plus the food was great. We mainly ate at Italian restaurants and we both decided that chicken parmigiana was delicious. When we went on our jeep tour the guide wwas telling us little things about the place and even said that there is believed to be a portal to other worlds out there. (Crazy I know) Then he even told us that he saw a UFO himself (Even crazier I know) He told us the whole story and I will have to say it is quite believable. We had so much fun that we want to go again....soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Has Been

So today I had a basketball game "old lady team" vs safford varsity team. Ummm..... I'm only 20 and I shouldn't have felt so much like a has been tonight. So I decided I just need to buck up and start running and get into running shape. I try to go lift every day, but its not enough, time to get those legs in gear. Now about the game. My team was down like 14 points at the half. Then when the game was over we were shy 2 points to tie the game. Great comeback, but not good enough!