Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Campout

So after school was out, my parents decided to take us on a family campout. It was super fun.
Funny story, so you think that we are a pretty grown up family, well at least we are not in diapers I mean. You would think we would know how to get some sleep on a campout. Well Janae and I did, but the others lets just say they didn't get much sleep. For starters, my mom and dad brought air mattresses, you would think they were pretty comfortable right. Right, unless they start to deflate while you are sleeping on them. So after my moms deflated she got cold from sleeping on the ground so she went and got on my dad's twin one so she could be warmer. Then my sister Shayla got cold so she also and went on my dads to keep warm. Well Shayla couldn't sleep all night so finally went in the suburban around 6 in the morning and slept till noon. Curtis thought he would be warm enough in a thin puppy dog sleepy bag, but quickly figured out he wasn't going to keep warm, so he crawled into Tanner's sleeping bag and then the two didn't sleep well . Curtis eventually went into the suburban as well. Anyways pretty eventful night.
Other than that we stayed up playing cards, played horseshoes during the day, and tried to go catch some fish, but didn't.

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Collin and Hannah said...

I love family camp outs. They seem to bring out everyones true personality! :)